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Buy The Car You Deserve While In Bankruptcy
August 10th, 2019 by:

Buy The Car You Deserve While In Bankruptcy

Here at Priority Honda of Hampton and Car Loan Express, we have expanded our finance programs to include our new  Special Financing Department. This department is designed to assist those with poor credit scores, repossessions, current Bankruptcy status, as well as recent Bankruptcy discharges.

Our specialty is finding transportation solutions for clients from all backgrounds and situations.  We strive to continually build on the goodwill that we have established—with customers, attorneys and lenders alike—who support our innovative programs and commitment to professionalism and integrity. It is important to conduct our business with the highest level of transparency—for everyone involved. It is that attention to detail that is unparalleled in the automotive industry.

We have built strong relationships with our lending institutions which allows us the ability to obtain the best loan package for our customers. Being a well-established and credible Honda dealership group provides us the luxury of access to a large, diverse inventory of new and pre-owned certified and warrantied vehicles. This enables us to meet the specific needs of our customers without compromising quality & safety.

No Cost - No Obligation

At Car Loan Express, we work to get our customers approved for auto financing so they can purchase a new or used vehicle. We help ALL types of credit and have interest rates as low as 0.0%.  With approved credit.

Find the Best Vehicle

Because we are a well-established dealership we are able to provide access to a large, diverse selection of new, used and Certified pre-owned vehicle. No need to compromise quality or safety!

Credit Approval

Because we have built strong relationships with a large network of lenders we have the ability to find the best auto loan package for your unique situation!


Is it possible to purchase a vehicle while going through a Bankruptcy proceeding?

The simple answer, is YES! Here are a few reasons why you will want to work with Car Loan Express and Priority Honda of Hampton:

Rebuild your credit

    •    You need to think about the big picture. Do you want to buy a home in the future? Could a prospective employer want to look at your credit before hiring you? What about a potential landlord? No matter how you look at it, credit is everywhere. The faster you reestablish your credit with a major installment loan, the sooner you can put the bankruptcy behind you!

Safe, Reliable transportation

    •    Most bankruptcy auto loan programs are designed to help people buy what the lender determines is “reliable” transportation. The lender’s definition of reliable may be different than yours. Here are the basics: Low miles, recent model year, no “off market” vehicles (tsibishi is an example of an off market car).

Affordable monthly payments

    •    The last thing a lender wants to see you do after a bankruptcy is get in over your head financially. Typically, the payment you will be approved for is very conservative based on your Debt-to-Income ratio. We have had customers in the past that would rather keep the $700 payment they had on their Lexus than get a vehicle with lower miles for $350 per month. Everyone has to make their own decision, but try to think about it logically instead of emotionally.

Typically a low down payment

    •    If you just went through a bankruptcy, there is a good chance that your bank account is lighter than it used to be. Most of our bankruptcy programs understand. That is why our main bankruptcy programs do not required large down payments. Quite often and as a rule of thumb, we attempt an approval with the lenders with $0.00 down.

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